About Jean Adrienne

Thirty years of success in the corporate world led me to want to step out on my own and become an entrepreneur. I had a product, a branded life coaching technique, published a book and I was ready to get started. That was in 2002, and today I run a six figure Internet-based business selling my coaching, training classes, books and inspirational cards.

Now YOU can take advantage of everything I have learned over the last fourteen years so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and go through the trial and error starts and stops that I did.


Let’s work together to take your ideas and market them to the world. Use my business acumen and tools to get you to the success you desire and deserve! I will show you how to develop a business plan, complete with goals, values and mission. My team will work with you to design a stellar website and optimize it for search engines to drive traffic to you, plus we will create a plan for using social media to take you to the next level.

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